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Course Information

2018 Half Marathon/Relay Course

Updated 9/20/2018

It is official that the rockslide on North side of the Lake Natoma trail will not be cleared in time for the Oct. 21 FBB Half & Relay. Here is the Half Marathon/Relay course for 2018, just like the 2017 course with a slight change in the finish area location due to Leidesdorff St. construction.

2018 Half Marathon/Relay Course Map

The rockslide on the North side of Lake Natoma will not be cleared in time for the 2018 event, so the course will be the same as 2017, except for a slight change in the finish area location.

2018 FBBHalf and Relay Course

Click to enlarge.

FBB 5K Course Map

2018 5K map - click image to enlarge.

Spectator Tips

2018 Half Marathon/Relay Spectator Instructions

As always, please note that there is no parking at the start, so those dropping off runners should plan to begin spectating at Spots #1 or #2.


2018 Spectator Spot #1: Folsom Historic District,  mile 3.6

  • From the Folsom-Auburn Rd./Folsom Lake Crossing Folsom: Go back on Folsom-Auburn Rd. to a left on Douglas Blvd. to a left on Sierra College Blvd. which becomes Hazel. From Hazel, turn left on Greenback, then right to cross the Lake Natoma Bridge. Stay to the left onto the ramp into the Historic Folsom District. 
  • From the East Natoma St./Folsom Crossing Intersection runner drop off, take East Natoma St. back into downtown Folsom and turn right on Riley or Wool St. Plenty of parking is available there.  For those traveling on Hwy. 50,  take Folsom Blvd. to Folsom and travel 2.8 miles directly into Historic Folsom.

2018 Spectator Spot #2: Willow Creek State Recreation Area, mile 6.3 (also the Relay Exchange area)

From the Folsom Historic District, take Folsom Blvd. South. Just 0.25 mile after the Blue Ravine intersection, turn right into the Willow Creek State Recreation Area. Traveling on Hwy 50, exit Folsom Blvd. and turn left. Travel 1.25 miles and make a u-turn at Blue Ravine intersection. Go 0.25 mile to the Willow Creek turnoff.

2018 Spectator Spot #3:  Nimbus Dam State Recreation Area, mile 8.5

From Willow Creek State Rec. Area, turn right onto Folsom Blvd. Travel two miles and turn right onto Aerojet Rd. After 0.5 mi. turn right again into the Nimbus Dam State Recreation Area parking lot. From Hwy 50 exit onto Aerojet Rd. After 0.5 mi. turn right again into the Nimbus Dam State Recreation Area parking lot.

2018 Spectator Spot #4 mile 10.5: back to Willow Creek State Recreation Area,  - See Spectator Spot #2

2018 Spectator Spot #5: the Finish, mile 13.1

The finish is located in the Folsom Historic District on the Folsom Station Plaza between Leidesdorff and Sutter Streets. Watch all those runners "Cross that line" Johnny Cash style! From Hwy. 50  take Folsom Blvd. to Folsom. Travel 2.8 miles into the Historic Folsom District. From Hazel Ave., turn left on Madison Ave. and follow it to where it merges with to Greenback Lane. Turn right, cross the Lake Natoma Bridge, and take the first exit ramp on the left up to the Folsom Historic District.

2018 FBB Half Finish Area

2018 HALF MARATHON/RELAY FINISH AREA - Click to enlarge. 5K runners stay to the right, Half Marathon/Relay runners stay to the left.

Kids 1K Breakaway 2018 Course Map

2018 Start Area Details

2018 Start Area Details - click image to enlarge.

Online Course Maps

2018 Half Marathon/Relay Course Interactive, online maps

Please note that distances and elevations will vary depending on the settings of GPS devices.

5K Interactive online maps

More Course Details

Race Day Road Closures:

  • Folsom Crossing Bridge: 5 am to 8 am
  • Folsom Auburn Road between Folsom Crossing Bridge and Greenback Ave.: 7 am to 8:30 am

The 13.1 mile course (for both the Half Marathon & Relay) has the following features:

  • Five fluid stations with water and electrolyte replacement (meaning nine chances to access these since the course is an out-and-back).
  • Every mile is marked.
  • Course remains open for everyone able to proceed at a 16-minute- per-mile pace (3 hours and 30 minutes finish time).

2018 Course Elevation Profile

FBB 5K Course Elevation

FBB 5K Course Elevation