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Bus to the Start Information

01/01/2019, 7:30am PST
By FBB Events

For runners staying at select Folsom hotels:

  • Bus to the start for you is FREE. Note that the bus ticket reservation page is the same as for those not staying at a hotel, but the first field on the form gives you the option to select the free hotel guest reservation.
  • If you need to add your free bus ticket at a later date, click here for instructions. You must make any online registration form changes by 11:59 pm on October 12.

For runners NOT staying at select Folsom hotels:

  • For a $10 fee, you may purchase a bus-to-the-start ticket. When you enter, select the Folsom hotel or Dick's Sporting Goods store where you wish to get on the bus.
  • To add your $10 bus ticket-to-the-start at a later date, or change your bus pick up location, click here for instructions. You must make any online registration form changes by 11:59 pm on Oct. 12.

IMPORTANT bus ticket details:

  • Your bus ticket may be purchased ($10, free for guests at select Folsom hotels) and bus pick up location selected when you register for the Half Marathon, 5K or Relay.
  • IMPORTANT: The deadline to make online changes to your bus-to-the-start ticket information (i.e. change your bus pick up location; purchase your bus ticket; switch to race day packet pick up) is by 11:59 pm on Oct. 12. CLICK HERE for editing your registration instructions. You may also make changes in person and purchase bus-to-the-start tickets at Friday/Saturday Packet Pick Up.
  • If you have purchased a bus-to-the-start ticket, "Bus" will be printed on your bib number label.
  • There are no online bus ticket purchases after Monday, 11:59, Oct. 12. They may be purchased at the Friday and Saturday Dick's Sporting Goods Packet Pick Up.
  • Race day packet pick up is from 5:30 am to 5:59am for the Half Marathon, Relay and 5K only at Dick's Sporting Goods in Folsom.
  • Buses to the start depart from select Folsom hotels and from Dick's Sporting Goods at 6:00 am. There is free parking in the hotel and Dick's parking lots.
  • Buses to the START from the finish area will be located on Reading St.
  • Parking is limited at the finish area hotel (Lake Natoma Inn), so it is best to choose from the other select Folsom hotels, where parking is abundant.  
  • The free shuttle bus service from the finish area back to all the select Folsom hotels and to Dick's Sporting Goods is located on Decatur St. .
  • These hotels are all within just a few miles of the finish area.
  • Half Marathon, 5K and FIRST leg RELAY runners must be parked and ready to board the bus at their selected hotel location before 6:00 am for a 6:00 am departure.
  • Half Marathon, 5K and FIRST leg RELAY runners must be parked at the Dick's Sporting Goods location in time to pick up their packet (begins at 5:30am) and then board the bus for the 6:00am departure to the start. 
  • Buses will stay at the start area until the race starts, and you may stay on the bus until 10-minutes before the start.
  • SECOND leg RELAY runners' buses leave at 6:30 am from select Folsom Hotels & Dick's Sporting Goods to transport these runners to the exchange location. These same buses will transport FIRST leg RELAY runners back to the finish area.
  • Buses are for runners only - no spectators please.

Getting back to your car: your bus ticket purchase includes shuttle bus service from the finish area (on Decatur St.) back to all the select Folsom hotels and to Dick's Parking lot. These are all within a few miles of the finish area.  

Return to the Half Marathon pagethe Relay page or the 5K page for details about runners using their own arrangements to be dropped off at the start area.

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