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2022 Bus to the Start Info

08/10/2022, 7:30am PDT
By FBB Events

Bus-to-the-Start option will be available for 2022!

There will be a limited number of busses to the start this year. See instructions below for the Bus-to-the-Start option purchase. Race management highly recommends wearing a mask while riding these busses.

Bus to the Start Details for 2022

For runners staying at select Folsom hotels:

  • Bus to the start for you is FREE.
  • You must book your hotel first. Then during the registration process, be sure to select that hotel and the bus-to-the-start option. From this data, the free bus-to-the-start from Select Folsom Hotels add-on is generated, and it will be indicated by "BUS" printed on a tag on your bib number.
  • If you registered for your FBB event prior to the availability of the bus-to-the-start option, and have booked your hotel, log into your “Profile” page Then choose Upcoming Events (Folsom Blues Breakout), then "Manage Registration." Scroll to the Select Folsom hotels question and update the Hotel choice and bus-to-the-start option as needed.
  • Busses will not be picking up runners staying at select Folsom hotels. You must arrange to get to the only bus-to-the-start departure location in Historic Folsom at the Finish line on Reading St. next to the Light Rail Station between Sutter St. and Leidesdorff St. (map) There is plenty of parking in this area (details below).
  • Deadline to finalize your bus-to-the-start add-on in 11:59pm on Oct. 16.

For runners NOT staying at select Folsom hotels:

  • For runners NOT staying at select Folsom hotels: when you register, select the bus-to-the-start option ($10). If you completed your FBB entry before the bus-to-the-start option was made available, log into your “Profile” page, then Upcoming Events (Folsom Blues Breakout), then "Manage Registration". Scroll to the bus-to-the-start option.
  • Deadline to purchase this bus-to-the-start add-on is 11:59pm on October 16.
  • Your bus-to-the-start purchase will be verified by "BUS" printed  on a tag on your bib number.  
  • The only bus-to-the-start departure location is at the Finish line on Reading St. next to the Light Rail Station on Reading St. between Sutter St. and Leidesdorff St. in Historic Folsom. (map) You must arrange to arrive there in time to park and get on the bus (details below). There is plenty of free parking in this area.





MORE 2022 bus-to-the-start details:

  • IMPORTANT:  We fully expect the bus-to-the-start seats to sell out quickly.
  • The deadline to sign up for or purchase your bus-to-the-start option is by 11:59 pm on Sunday, Oct. 16.
  • Your bus-to-the-start add-on will be confirmed by "BUS" printed on a tag on the bib number that you will receive along with your race shirt and timing chip at the Friday, Saturday or Sunday Packet Pick Up.
  • There will be no additional bus=to-the-start sign ups or purchases available at any of the Packet Pick Ups including on Race Day.
  • Race day packet pick up is ONLY at Dick's Sporting Goods in Folsom (NEVER at the start!) from 5:30am to 6:00am for the Half Marathon, Relay and 5K. Give yourself time for one of these two options:
    • If you have a bus-to-the-start add-on, you must drive to the bus-to-the-start pick up location. (map)
    • If you do not have a bus-to-the-start add-on, you must make other arrangements to get to the Start.
  • The only bus-to-the-start departure location is at the Finish line on Reading St. next to the Light Rail Station between Sutter St. and Leidesdorff St. (map)
  • Bus departures: 5:45am, 6:15am, and 6:45am. 
  • Give yourself ample time to park in the free parking garage at Leidesdorff and Reading St. or in the area's free lots and street parking.
  • RELAY runners: No busses will be servicing the Relay Exchange. Relay Runner #1 may use the bus-to-the-start option if successful in purchasing or signing up for this add-on. Otherwise have Runner #2 drop you off at the start. Runner #2 will park at the Relay Exchange. Access is off Main Ave. in Orangevale (map). There is a dirt road there which will be staffed to allow relay runners into the park. Runner #2 will receive an access pass with your relay packet. After the Relay Exchange, Runner #1 will use Runner #2's car to return to the finish. 
  • At the start there will be plenty of porta-potties and a drop bag area for clothes you do not want to wear during the race. These will be transported back to the finish area where you can retrieve them. Do NOT put valuable items in these bags.
  • There will be no shuttle busses from the finish area back to Select Folsom Hotels or to Dick's Sporting Goods.
  • Busses are for runners only - no spectators please.

Visit the Half Marathon pagethe Relay page or the 5K page for details about runners making their own arrangements to get to the start area.

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